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Our Customers

Interfacing Concepts, Inc.
Inttraweb was instrumental in translating marketing materials into Spanish from English, creating a new database with leads she obtained from the Internet and handling the day to day business in Spanish.

Comsol, Inc.
Inttraweb set up a new distributership in Mexico for Comsol, Inc. Sweden, and assisted Comsol at the 2002 AchemAmerica International Exposition in Mexico City with their skills at marketing, translation and presentation.

Apple Computers
Inttraweb translated the iTunes canned responses for Support agents to reply to customer support requests received by Apple from spanish speaking countries.

L. Christopher Yachts, Ltd.
Inttraweb would interact with the purchasing departments and request quotes which required communication with the purchaser, user and distributers in both countries. Inttraweb designed, created, launched and currently maintains website.

Inttraweb designed logo for business launch and new distributership of Azimut Yachts on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

Diesel Premier del PacĂ­fico
Inttraweb was instrumental in providing user-support, facilitating payment, follow-up and customer support for on-going interest and referrals. Inttraweb designed, created, launched and currently maintains website.


Michael Butler Trainer Apple Computers I called on Carrie to help in Spanish Email Support and to mentor the new Spanish reps. She is a great teacher!

David Smith General Manager Hilton Cancun I requested Carrie's assistance with our VIP guests because she could satisfy their need to understand and experience the best of Mexico. Carrie was essential to the business because she created an environment of trust which kept the customers coming back for years.

Lance Lage General Director L. Christopher Yachts .